Aïda's Custom Cosmetics

Makeup Application, Custom Blended Foundation, Makeup Lessons Bridal Makeup, and Special Ocassion Makeup

"I believe that every woman is beautiful, and that we as women must embrace our unique beauty. Each and every woman that sits in my chair is a unique work of art, and my goal is to embrace and bring out their inner beauty."

Aïda Morano

Make-up Application

Applying make-up truly feeds my soul. It is where I feel the most creative and artistic. I love being able to transform a woman of any age by enhancing their coloring and features. When working with a client... I observe the tone of the their voice, personality, and life style, to ensure they have the perfect look.

Custom Blended Foundation

I am very fortunate to have a lovely studio with a great deal of natural light. This makes blending foundation much more precise. I take the guess work out of selecting the appropriate color with my base foundation and tints. The perfect shade will act as a second skin that blends evenly, and looks natural.

Make-Up Lessons

After many years of experience, it gives me great joy to pass on my knowledge of applying make-up onto my client. During client participation, they learn to select and apply cosmetics based on their inherent coloring and features. I also demonstrate how the proper tools and techniques make for a quick and easy application.

Specific cosmetic services include Bridal Make-Up, which can be done in my studio or at your special destination.The bridal package includes a consultation at my studio before the wedding day to work out the details which allows the bride to see how beautiful she will look on her wedding day.

Custom cosmetics is about selecting makeup colors that complement people's skin tone, hair, and eyes, bringing out their features and giving a soft natural look that always works.

  • If you have trouble finding the perfect foundation or just love the idea of having something made especially for you, custom blended foundation is the answer. I can make it any color, any texture, any coverage and for any skin type.

  • One of the greatest advantages of having a custom blended foundation is that if it needs adjusting in any way I can tweak it an no extra charge.

  • Once the formula is made I can duplicate it at any time, and it can be sent to you or picked up at my studio.

When I was a young girl I took ballet, which developed into a career. I performed on stage many times and I was fascinated with stage makeup. It was an intricate craft, extremely detailed, and quite different from every day makeup. I loved the precision of it and enjoyed painting my face. After quitting the profession I went into retail and worked at department stores in the cosmetic department; I was hooked and loved working with makeup. I went from one kind of artist to another.

My sweet little dog Hailey is at my studio every day to greet my clients. She loves getting all of the attention!

With Aida Morano by your side, the key to stunning makeup in in the palm of your hand-literally. For nearly 16 years, the Peninsula native has been providing women with individual tailored services through her Menlo Park studio, AIDA'S CUSTOM COSMETICS. When choosing cosmetic colors, I look at a woman's body, hair, skin, and eyes, she says. I take into account her personality, her lifestyle, even her tone of voice. If someone's voice is naturally soft and unassuming, she's probably not going to wear bright red lipstick. (Now, back to the palm: Morano says it's the key body part for determining the appropriate shade of lipstick and blush. who knew?)<br>Morano was a professional ballet dancer in her youth, and quickly became fascinated by stage makeup and its intricate details. When she stopped dancing in her early 20s, she moved over to the cosmetics industry, studying under various expert color consultants during the era when having your colors done by a professional was all the rage. I went from being one kind of artist to another, and I got an education that I never could have gotten in the classroom, she says. Every woman is beautiful, and my vision is to highlight their inherent beauty, not hide them under lots of makeup.<br>Morano does just that at her studio, where she offers comprehensive, hands-on makeup lessons, custom-blended foundation, and makeup application for special ocassions like a wedding or prom, all using private-label products she gets from New York. I specialize in makeup women can wear every day, she says. It shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes to do your makeup, and you can even cut that in half if you do a few key things.<br>Reference: Page 104, GENTRY HEALTH, Spring 2014

"I believe that every woman is beautiful, and my vision is to highlight their inherent beauty; not to hide them under lots of make up".

"I specialize on makeup women can wear every day. It shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes to do your makeup."

Aïda Morano